Open Days feminist servers

Soon we will publish in our wiki the public documentation related to those two events that took place in Valencia (4th March 2018) and in Calafou (10 to 13th of MArch 2018)

10/03 – 13/03/2018
Calafou, Spain
after the internet freedom festival in Valencia

You can read the public documentation of the Open days Femservers in Calafou

Install party

Last night, we initialized a wp_multisite environment on the anarchaserver to host our content.  After re-zoning our dns with a little help of gandi, we obfuscated our server supporters. A mod-rewrite gave our .htaccess an override with nano and vi. Are you ready to publish too?

thanks to HSBXL (our video streaming approves also stable!) and welcome Zoia Horn

we setup micromacropleasure as a trial