Last weeks we came this awesome project… check it out!

Among the intense mobilizations that have taken place in Spain in recent years, a”debate” about abortion seemed necessary and liberating to us. We considered addressing the issue using a graphic narrative, leaving aside the written language, so the work could turn into a useful communication tool that would allow us to work on a very historic and universal topic that is still taboo around the world.

Aiming to create a mural that favored communication, we began to collect different people’s stories told orally, to engage in dialogue with them and generate conversations. Some stories turned into anecdotes that appear translated into metaphors in the final drawing. Others helped to frame the issue to gain perspective, to problematize the issue. Just like the Beehive Collective does, we reclaim oral transmission of stories and the creation of images that need to be assimilated slowly. Also, we use animals to represent people’s stories. If you look carefully, you’ll see how most of the names of animals that appear in the poster are used to insult women, specially in the spanish language. They suddenly became the heroines of this story, so we can reaproppiate those words in an empowering way

We want to share this project and the process that made it by organizing presentations in which we tell the stories behind this mural. This zine is a written version so folks can take it home with them and explore the image more thoroughly. We are always open and flexible to feedback and new ideas and contributions.