Open Days feminist servers

Soon we will publish in our wiki the public documentation related to those two events that took place in Valencia (4th March 2018) and in Calafou (10 to 13th of MArch 2018)

10/03 – 13/03/2018
Calafou, Spain
after the internet freedom festival in Valencia

You can read the public documentation of the Open days Femservers in Calafou

Uter projecte

Last weeks we came this awesome project… check it out!

Among the intense mobilizations that have taken place in Spain in recent years, a”debate” about abortion seemed necessary and liberating to us. We considered addressing the issue using a graphic narrative, leaving aside the written language, so the work could turn into a useful communication tool that would allow us to work on a very historic and universal topic that is still taboo around the world.

Aiming to create a mural that favored communication, we began to collect different people’s stories told orally, to engage in dialogue with them and generate conversations. Some stories turned into anecdotes that appear translated into metaphors in the final drawing. Others helped to frame the issue to gain perspective, to problematize the issue. Just like the Beehive Collective does, we reclaim oral transmission of stories and the creation of images that need to be assimilated slowly. Also, we use animals to represent people’s stories. If you look carefully, you’ll see how most of the names of animals that appear in the poster are used to insult women, specially in the spanish language. They suddenly became the heroines of this story, so we can reaproppiate those words in an empowering way

We want to share this project and the process that made it by organizing presentations in which we tell the stories behind this mural. This zine is a written version so folks can take it home with them and explore the image more thoroughly. We are always open and flexible to feedback and new ideas and contributions.

Screening Born in Flames


In order to present Radio Calaflow, we decided to screen in front of AnarchaServer (AS) in the spaceship of Uteroxy a beautiful feminist science fiction movie directed by Lizzie Borden in 1983 called Born in Flames.

The plot concerns two feminist groups in New York City, each voicing their concerns to the public by pirate radio. One group, led by an outspoken white lesbian, Isabel operates “Radio Ragazza”. The other group, led by a soft-spoken African-American, Honey operates “Phoenix Radio.” The story involves several different women coming from different perspectives and attempts to show several examples of how sexism plays out, and how it can be dealt with through direct action.

You can read more about the movie here. And we let below a short teaser. To note that we could find in opensubtitles a srt file with a spanish translation of the movie.

Anarchaserver welcomes Radio Calaflow

During the last weeks of August, b01 from the radio collective Pi-node (see also their nice documentation here) spent some time in Calafou and put some energy and materials in building a radio transmitter so that the community could enjoy a nice FM + online radio.


The space where is located Anarchaserver (AS) always looked as a possible good place for installing a radio studio, and that is one of the reason why the antenna of the radio Calaflow has been installed on the roof of AS and the little FM transmitter and PiBox has been installed inside the physical space of AS. You can read more about the installation and how to here.


We hope to develop very soon some specific radio programs about cyberfeminism and to share more news around feminist servers. In the meantime stay tuned and listen to our first radio jingle recorded by two kids friends of calafou …. lalalala

NO INPUT: Some were complaining about a noise, til late in the night.



An audio /video mixing console  become  synthesizers without any other inputs,  in a feedback loop (meaning you feed its output to its own input): to generate sound/image embracing the noise inherent in mixers with the support of Number 78, Poubelle, Gaia Leandra, Nosih, Jelly Pin, Chava Guerrilla, Carlos, Klau, … & others.