Feminist Servers meeting

Read in our wiki the public documentation related to those two events that took place in Valencia (4th March 2018) and in Calafou (10 to 13th of MArch 2018) https://calafou.org/en/content/puertas-abiertas-servidores-feministas 10/03 – 13/03/2018 Calafou, Spain after the internet freedom festival in Valencia https://internetfreedomfestival.org/ You can read the public documentation of the Open days Femservers inContinue reading

Uter projecte

Last weeks we came this awesome project… check it out! Among the intense mobilizations that have taken place in Spain in recent years, a”debate” about abortion seemed necessary and liberating to us. We considered addressing the issue using a graphic narrative, leaving aside the written language, so the work could turn into a useful communicationContinue reading

Screening Born in Flames

In order to present Radio Calaflow, we decided to screen in front of AnarchaServer (AS) in the spaceship of Uteroxy a beautiful feminist science fiction movie directed by Lizzie Borden in 1983 called Born in Flames. The plot concerns two feminist groups in New York City, each voicing their concerns to the public by pirateContinue reading

Anarchaserver welcomes Radio calaflow

During the last weeks of August, b01 from the radio collective Pi-node (see also their nice documentation here) spent some time in Calafou and put some energy and materials in building a radio transmitter so that the community could enjoy a nice FM + online radio. The space where is located Anarchaserver (AS) always lookedContinue reading

No input

An audio /video mixing console  become  synthesizers without any other inputs,  in a feedback loop (meaning you feed its output to its own input): to generate sound/image embracing the noise inherent in mixers with the support of Number 78, Poubelle, Gaia Leandra, Nosih, Jelly Pin, Chava Guerrilla, Carlos, Klau, … & others.    

Activating public interface

Preparing for vitualisation of the nekrocemetry Internet access point in calafou, named after Hedy, the sea and frequency hopping. (in)formal anarchaserver meeting with spideralex preparing virtualisation and secure ftp with swasp + support of tools by werkstatt Electricity : 40 A  + 1 experimental plug 10 A http://anarchaserver.org July 2016, calafou    

Install party

Last night, we initialized a wp_multisite environment on the anarchaserver to host our content.  After re-zoning our dns with a little help of gandi, we obfuscated our server supporters. A mod-rewrite gave our .htaccess an override with nano and vi. Are you ready to publish too? thanks to HSBXL (our video streaming approves also stable!) andContinue reading