indivisible science/art/philosophy to-come

Whereas Weismann in his article deals with the full range of modalities and comes to more refined conclusion:
“On  this view, the brain will not be merely replaced by the computer,  or  reduced to prosthesis, but rather asympotically augmented and   multiplied; perhaps beyond every recognitional model. Indeed the mutant  character of these abstract machines to be constructed indicates their  profound capability to extend beyond all present modalities of   collective expression, to inaugurate new (artistic, scientific,  philosophical) experimentalisms; and indeed prefigure the decoding of   the topological divisions which striate these variadic  experimentalisms,  to unfold a newly-reunified and joyous thought  without image, an  indivisible science/art/philosophy to-come.”

Author: ooooo

a non-exclusive, temporary constellation that initiates, mediates and facilitates projects, abducing thought and reflection on relevant issues.