Focus by zooming in and out. 
Over the course of the research the lab will research connotations of production (modi operandi) by a synthesis of actions, choreographies, sculptures, prototypes and installations. The OpenLab will pervert the streamlined techniques of traditional medical devices, which are determined by functionality and profit. The logics of efficiency will be scrambled in favor of excess and pleasure.  The research of the body as a static 'object' is extended into a body in flux of cells, energy and desire.
as a experimental lab that explores the capacity of our bodies to react and catabolize the biopower.
By making our bodies the most desirable technology and by using
scientific process as a ground. We are activating the body's
extrasensory perceptions in which the lab reconnects our ability to enable micro organism in the macro universal macro organism that together inhabit. !!!
We will question (once again) what medical and cultural institutions have banished/expatriated from the commons of knowledge. In exploring these intra-related questions the proto matter/experience, created by multiples experiments/activities will expose the body as a diffracted entanglements, an agency which becomes - what would later be defined - as a non identities or diffracted entities. 
Lab Sessions will culminate in a performative presentation in which visitors can try on and wear the prototypes and samples. The open lab becomes a proposition: a mediator of boundaries and comfort (?) as it binds the viewer’s body to the work.   
The performance of knowledge :   
 Polanyi, Hutton and Barad propose that true knowledge has an experiential performative aspect--what I am calling “the performance of knowledge.” Instead of representing an independent world, this perfomative aspect encompasses the relations and exchanges (i.e., information, communication, intelligence) between bodies, objects, environments: an ongoing embodiment that emerges from our various capacities. Performing knowledge is an enactment of a world that is inseparable from the performing body. This performance restructures our very selfexperience changing our body, our chemistry, our muscles, the patterns of our neural connections—just as this performance changes the world through our participation in it. Thus, knowledge is more than something that you have, it’s something that you do – the performance of knowledge.
LAbSession 01 – 2015 - M HKA/S14 - Daemons & Shell Scripts "squitwerking"

Twerking and scientific vaginal explorations as biopolitical instrument while hacking and assembling DIY sequencers, loopers, producing noise: that is an arduous assertion of freedom against an order that seemed immutable

biopunk,genderhacking, micromacropleasure, biohacking, autonomy, pechblendalab, gynepunk, transhackfeminism

Author: ooooo

a non-exclusive, temporary constellation that initiates, mediates and facilitates projects, abducing thought and reflection on relevant issues.