Agenda: Abortion garden

Part 1 (1,5h) : Presentation of the abortion garden and of other abortive plants that grow in Calafou, workshop in distillation methods There are 5 species in the garden: Yarrow, Tansy, Oregano, Sage and Rue. There are other plants in Calafou, that can be used for inducing menstruation such as rosemary, aloe vera and artemisia vulgaris. The first part of the workshop will start with a short presentation of biological and historical research on their effectiveness in inducing menstruation or miscarriage. Then we will collect the plants and distill essential oils from them using a microwave oven which makes the process much faster.

Part 2 (1,5h): Discussion on methods of collective self-experimentation Medical knowledge is based on a statistical concept of human body and standardized methods based on repeatablility of results. Individual properties of bodies and experiences of living in them are not taken into account. The aim of the discussion is to share experiences of collective knowledge making about our own bodies; see what is lost and what can be gained when we don’t perceive our bodies according to the medical average, but explore them in their uniqueness but also find things in common with other unique bodies.

Language: English