Agenda: Talk & Roundtable Discussion – Digital Change Transfeminisms In Digital Art Practice (2000-2022)

This event wishes to explore digital change transfeminisms in current digital art practice. A vital contribution of these digital change movements is crystallised in the connections that these movements draw between the social realities and the digital environments they create. These movements show that the digital environments and the technologies that drive them are not passive or value-neutral; instead, they reflect broader real-life social exclusions. As a result, the design is actively shaped and pre-conditioned to who will inhabit or use them.

Driving this forward are transfeminist artists using digital art practices to change the binary systems, which parallels the heteronormative structure of these patriarchal systems. Using a feminist lens, we can see different digital art practices that aim to be nonhierarchical and inclusive and use tools to bypass the patriarchy. The art practice itself reformulates the digital and questions the masculated systems. Under the umbrella of new digital change feminisms, many artists are changing the technology paradigms, metaphorically and literally rewriting the code.

Language: English


During the session the group talked about the challenge to mantain a digital art space that is not manage from a capitalist perspective during the hard time that the pandemic was.

There was some experiences share, also dig into the experience of NEoN, funded by Donna and Kathryn Work Digital Art Charity in Dundee 60 miles north Dundee; started 14 years ago initially looking at digital art from Dundee.

NEoN has been considering

The arts organisation reformed based on transfeminist digital art theory, practices and tools:

Imagine new imaginaries for the following:

Finance – book keeping, banking, audits, funding etc

  • community banking – The People’s Bank of Govanhill uses social and activist art practices to involve people in re-imagining the local economy, looking at how we can put feminist economics into practice in the local community.
  • charity Bank
  • slow down funding

Human Resources

Digital Infrastructure

Communications (internal/external)

  • snail mail
  • fly posters
  • love letters