Agenda: Antilabor Hardware Lab

Let’s read, think, sketch and make together, driven by critical feminist labor theories. How can they shape a DIY machine? We’ll look at Ruth Schwartz Cowan’s ‘More work for Mother‘, Katja Praznik’s ‘The Paradox of Unpaid Labor: Autonomy of Art, the Avant-Garde and Cultural Policy in the Transition to Post-Socialism‘, and Sadie Plant’s seminal ‘Zeros and Ones’ for inspiration, and scavenge within the perimeter for parts. Bring your favorite tools and broken machines!


  • Internet of Things > new domain of gendered work; when it is outsourced, it is commercialized and paid, eg fridge that orders your food; Alexa, Siri, Tay, etc, voices are womanized.

Materials for the workshop

Collage made during the workshop