Agenda: Feminist ninja: upgrading intersectional feminism with the hacker class

Donna Haraway wrote “I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess”; we ask, why not both? Feminist ninja is a myth that combines many myths: witch, whore, dyke, trans, indigenous, migrant… Cyborg is our species and hacker is our class. Informed by an anarcha feminist reading of McKenzie Wark’s class analysis, we want to raise hacker class consciousness as a part of differential consciousness – and hacker class struggle as a part of intersectional feminism.

Before the talk we will project a video essay called “upgrading intersectional feminism with the hacker class”. It starts with a short history of cyberfeminism, introduces the political economy of the hack as a part of an intersectional feminist criticism of the hacker subculture, and ends with a call for feminists to take over the vectors of information as infrastructures where power resides. This video was made as an introduction to a series of feminist hacker workshops in 2021 at Ca La Dona, a feminist space in Barcelona. In 2022, Ca La Dona assembly agreed to form a feminist hacker collective and install its own servers; we will share the details of this process and ask for your help to progress.

Ultimately we want to talk about how to create a feminist internet through multiple levels of infrastructure and superstructures. What are the practical implications of including hacker class struggle in intersectional feminism? How to converge hacker class consciousness with differential consciousness? What can we do to make it popular and easy for feminists to learn critical skills like system administration? Can we construct a feminist fediverse of home and community servers? Can we have an internet without cis men? We hope this talk will be an inspiration for future collaborations.

Language: English & Castellano

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