Agenda: Capitalist Sorcery, Technology and Recipes of Cyber Resistance: A Transfeminist Perspective

The proposed essay consists of an enterprise that seeks to bring into dialogue, from a transfeminist perspective, cyborgs, estrogen, hack and sorcery. Inspired by Donna Haraway, it aims to create a political myth capable of displacing the images of technological making and creating space for possibilities of resistance. Through the notion of Pharmakon, term borrowed from the Greeks by the philosopher of sciences, Isabelle Stengers invites us to reactivate the sorcery that have been extirpated from the sciences as a measure for its establishment as hegemonic truth.

By taking the body as a techno-living system, in line with Haraway, I seek to reflect on the construction of possible paths for a hacker transfeminism that, in face of the notion of transcendent witchcraft of capitalism, proposed by Pignarre and Stengers, could produce, through a multiplication of immanent and minority sorcerers, counter-witchcrafts, recipes for technological disenchantment that could undermine, at least in part, the production of impotence typical of capitalist sorcery.

Language: English