Agenda: Feminist choir practices

Time to exchange around feminist (and queer) choir practice as a way to organize and connect. The workshop can be divided into several parts (under discussion):

– Discussion and feedback on feminist choirs, how they can create local networks, spaces for exchange and organization, street actions

– Practical workshop : transmission and exchange of queer feminist songs (several songs possible in English, Castilian, French, Italian) participants can bring songs to share!

– If the participants are motivated: collective writing of a trans hack feminist / cyberfeminist song

Language: English



We exchanged about our practices, then made vocal training and lear 3 songs :

Smash All the nations > we add new voices

Smash smash Smash all the nations
We are the queer feminist generation
We will fight your gender bias
We destroy all the machist spaces
Girls and trans and all the enbies
We will start a revolution
We will take some direct action
We will find a new direction

Occupiamola > italian transfeminist song

Cyborg witches > we change the lyric so they becom more cyber/hack feminism :

Who are the witches, Where do they come from
Maybe you’re great great grand mother was one
Witches are World Wide Webbing today
There is a cyberwitch in every feminist they say

Then we sang cyborg witches at lunch on the 3 august