Agenda: Feminist Mastodon instance

This workshop will give a brief introduction to the feminist Mastodon instance on the feminist Systerserver and invites everyone to join who would like to try it out.

Apart from briefly presenting the project and inviting everyone to use it it would be nice to have a conversation about how we can move forward with this feminist instance. It’s running but it’s still missing some details to truly become a piece of feminist infrastructure. Everyone who’s interested in Mastodon, social networks in general, discussions around codes of conduct or moderating feminist networks is invited to come – and if you’re just curious please come as well!

What is Mastodon?

In some ways it’s similar to Twitter, it’s a social network that lets you send messages to people who follow you and read messages by others. But it’s also very different because it’s a decentralized network that makes it possible to create specific communities that have their own rules and guidelines. At the same time you can connect with accounts from other such networks, called ‚instances‘. Mastodon allows each instance to have specific settings to create a an environment according to the needs of each community.

Apart from that there’s also some other difference, e.g. messages can have 500 characters instead of just 280! is alive and used by a few accounts but it’s still missing a good description to explain who it’s for and how we would like to see it being used to create a safe and friendly environment. In this workshop we can exchange ideas and good examples from other social networks to be included so that we can open up and invite others to start using it.

You can find more about what can and can’t be done with Mastodon here

Here’s some examples of guidelines, codes, rules that might give us an idea what to include:

Please bring your device if you would like to create an account during the workshop!


Notes: > twitter proxi without algorhythm​​​​​​​ > instagram viewer

let’s try to create a code of conduct
what are the values that systerserver stands for?
thansfeminism? anti-…?
use ‘trigger warning’ when applicable
protect the vulnerable, represent, avoid patriarchal power structures
what safety measures should be in place, and how to balance that with involving new people?